Date:October 27, 2014

PawPets – From Uranus with Love (2014)

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Total Run Time: 104 mins
Aspect Ratio: 16:9


The Story So Far:

After the trials and tribulations of last year, it seems that – at last – Frank and Bellicose have made peace, leaving Sir William to enjoy his retirement. At least, as much as Fl00fy will let him.

Frank is again at work, contracting out his ‘expertise’ to whomever is crazy enough to hire him and Jim is enthusiastically lending a paw. Coney, their ever eager rabbit companion noticed they were running low on a few supplies and suggested that maybe a weekend away and a trip to Birmingham was in order. After all, what could possibly go wrong in a visit to the supermarket?

Act I

Following a harrowing experience during their day out in Birmingham, our heroes attempt to find a little comfort and relaxation in a hotel café. Little do they know that a phone call will reveal a past that should have remained
buried for good…

There will be a 15 minute interval at the end of Act I.

Act II
Following a false start – and several setbacks – our heroes get on with the task in hand and finally get underway. Although, the forces of evil move against them and time is really not on their side. Will they reach their destination in time? And if they do, can they really do what needs to be done?



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